Do you have cobwebs, bird waste, or dirt riddling the exterior of your Phoenix home? Just call Bravo Power Wash to remove the dirt and debris from your house. We are Phoenix, Arizona’s premier house washing service.

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Residential Pressure Washing in Phoenix, AZ: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


If the exterior of your Phoenix home has bird waste, cobwebs, or dirt, just call Bravo Power Wash. We will help you to remove the dirt and debris accumulation from your house. We are the leading provider of premier exterior house washing services here in Phoenix, AZ. Whether you have a single or multiple story home we will make sure that all external parts of your home will look clean and new again. Utilizing the proper set of exterior house washing equipment, we can reach even the tops of any sized home.

We use low pressure and soft washing techniques when doing our services in order to make sure that the exterior of your house will not be etched or damaged after the process. Utilizing specialized spraying nozzles that allow us to lower our machine’s pressure, our technicians can clean the surface without chipping the paint or hitting your home’s external walls too hard.

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Bravo Power Wash excels at getting rid of tough stains and stubborn substances from residential homes in Phoenix and surrounding areas. With the use of a 300 degree Fahrenheit steam at 3500psi, the months or years of stain and dirt built-up caused by paint, grease, oil, tire marks, and other substances will surely be removed. Our services are applicable to many different surfaces like driveways, entries, sidewalks, patios, block walls, etc.


Window Cleaning

Bravo Power Wash LLC is quickly becoming known as one of the premier window cleaning companies here in Phoenix, Arizona. Our window cleaners will definitely leave a spot-free shine to all the windows of your property even during the first time that we clean them. We squeegee clean windows with the use of biodegradable window cleaning products.

To complete the package, we also clean the window sills and screens on every job before we leave.

 So if you are ever in need of a residential pressure washing company here in Phoenix, AZ, or any nearby areas, just give us a call today at (623) 330-9481. We offer great discounts to our loyal customers who hire our company for both power washing and window cleaning services.

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